Fire Ants Fine Arts has been operating since September 2008.   Bringing a little spice to the space, Fire Ants brings a diverse body of "works and wares" into Tallahassee’s First Fridays and Second Sunday’s cultural entourage. Mirroring its namesake, the ants/artists are a social entity relying on shared community for artistic support, growth, and creative inspiration.

The studio name came about as an inspired anagram of the words Fine Arts, switching the
r and the n.

Just as the anagram repurposes the word Fine Arts, Fire Ants not only produces, exhibits and sells original artwork, but also offers reworked arts & crafts and furniture items to sell to this community’s growing need for inventive, affordable, and aesthetic items for home and fashion. Unlike their ginger-colored counterparts, these artists will not take a sting out of your budget.

Fire Ants Fine Arts Studio Brings a Diverse Colony of Artwork With Southern Sting to Railroad Square.
Fire Ants Fine Arts Mission


The Fire Ants Fine Arts Studio (FAFA) exhibits, promotes, and  supports both student and professional local artists and artisan groups providing a visual forum for artistic expression and education for viewers, patrons, and other platforms of learning.


Our Vision as a community-based open art studio (and now a virtual gallery) is to proactively provide reflective pieces of art for the community and endeavor to promote learning about other cultures, perspectives, and creative influences from diverse walks of life. 


FAFA believes that Art, in all forms, is a bridge and a mode of connectivity that creates a synergistic/dynamic communication empowering individual expression which becomes part of our collective blended culture.

With these three guiding principles, FAFA hopes to continue providing a forum for artistic expression contributing to the larger virtual community and serve as, at the very least, one small positive membership in the universally shared art experience.

"As a drop of rain is an ocean to an ant, so too are the small moments in life the world of inspiration for an artist."
                  - Jonathan A. Markham

Everyone is welcome to drop by Fire Ants Fine Arts Studio for some inspiration or just a shared moment or two!
Art That Engages!